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Britney Spears is Mean to Her Mom ...

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Britney Spears is allegedly so mad at her mom for urging her into rehab she's cut off all communication with her and even refused to visit her in the hospital on Mother's Day.

“Britney has cut off all communication with her mom,” a “friend” of the 25-year-old singer told the National Enquirer. “She’s gone from calling Lynne ten times a day to flat-out refusing to speak to her.” Lynne, 52, was hospitalized in southern California recently when a bout of the flu turned into pneumonia. The Star is reporting a similar story. “Britney says her mom betrayed her and she refuses to get over it,” the source told the Enquirer. “When she was told to give her mom a call, Britney said: ‘I’m busy, I have my own kids now.’ ”

Britney Spears has always had really good judgement and makes great decisions, so I'm sure this was for the best. As was me finding that giant treasure chest full of gold. At first I wasn't so sure, but then I bought myself a space shuttle and decided , hey, maybe having a giant treasure chest full of gold isn't so bad.

And here's Britney at Millennium Dance Studio again, this time sporting ripped fishnets and a gigantic ass.

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