Insane inside Britney's Tragic Freefall ...

By popbytes

Insane inside Britney's Tragic Freefall ...

good morning! below is the latest cover of **STAR** magazine which is all about britney spears (just like all the other tabloids this week - i would have put her meltdown on the cover too) and nobody else but her two kids sean preston & jayden james (featured as traumatized tots - ain't that the truth) and new paparazzi boy toy adnan ghalib (i feel like she thinks in her head - how romantic it would be to find true love with one of her many paparazzi stalkers - they could tell their grandkids the most amazing story - it's a thought straight out of the movies and isn't grounded in reality at all...just like ms. spears!)

i don't really have anything new to say about the situation that i haven't already said (main thing is she's a (bi-polar) mess and needs help - not sure exactly what - but something!) yet i do have a semi-funny story about my pal jenny (tweet tweet!) at work - poor thing had been sick for like two weeks (right after she finally quit smoking - go girl!) so we were catching up and jenny mentioned she needed to check in with popbytes - and i told her that it was basically all about britney spears over the past few days - she looked at me all puzzled & confused and asked what's going on...that's when i realized that she had no clue to what had transpired!

can i just tell you - that it was so much fun to fill somebody in on the situation! '...and then her parents called in...dr. phil!' jenny was in total shock! of course with running popbytes i need to be up on everything that's going on in the celebrity & pop realms but there are other things going on in the world...way more important things (but probably not as interesting or exciting as what goes down in hollywood on a daily basis!) popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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