10 Helpful Tips on How to Build Your Brand Awareness ...


10 Helpful Tips on How to Build Your Brand Awareness ...
10 Helpful Tips on How to Build Your Brand Awareness ...

You may be surprised to learn that your videos have to be quality productions. It is very important to clearly indicate the website address at the beginning and end of the video. If done right, it can drive a significant amount of traffic back to your website. This is what makes internet video an effective promotional tool. And just like TV, online video can also be used as a means of increasing brand awareness. If people find your video interesting, you're much more likely to share it across multiple platforms, which can have a very strong viral marketing effect.

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What Should My Video Content Consist of?

A video can be as simple as showing a Vlone product line, like an interactive catalogue. By taking an image and using a simple animation with a link back to your site, your audience will want to see more. If you have fashion related products, you can do a quick fashion show and add background music. If you are selling services, your videos may include interviews or testimonials of past and current customers. It can also be business tours or staff interviews. There are many unique and powerful ways to create online videos that will bring traffic and revenue to your business.


Self-Branding is Important

What is self-branding? A lot of people think they don't need self-branding because they have a secure job, their careers are growing and they are doing well. The fact, however, is that you are in great competition with more people in your field than you think. Creating professional social media accounts, working on your LinkedIn profile, taking additional online courses to widen your field of expertise are all the best ways to start self-branding. Not only it will increase your value on the market, it will ensure your positions at your current job and will open more doors for further work/business opportunities for when you are ready to move forward.


Style is an Important Part of Your Daily Routine

Another important part of self-branding is your image and style. Things you were on a daily basis, outfits you wear when making social media content, they all convey a message of who you really are and what you want to do in life. By making sure your outfits and hairstyles are coordinated with your career or business goals, you could not find a better investment in how you and your brand are perceived by the potential clients, employers, employees or investors. For instance, pairing Vlone Jackets with washed jeans and white sneakers or classic loafers could be a great casual yet sharp look. Finding a career or a business role model and seeing what they are wearing could be a helpful step in the direction of finding your own style.


A Brand and the Consumer's Trust

Brands with the best reputation are very consistent in style and quality they deliver to the end consumer. Let's look at Ralph Lauren as an example. From signature preppy style to signature US flag colors - the combinations of whites, reds and blues are recognizable, timeless and trust-worthy. This is what the consumer wants - to know that they can come back to your brand again and again and still receive the quality and style they've initially found with you.


Ads and Your Brand

There is a lot of anxiety about ads and promotions. Often, it can be very time consuming and costly. However, the most memorable and viral ads have been in-house made. For example, the famous commercial for One Dollar Club that got tens of millions of views was shot by its founder and CEO and a handful of their first employees. Thinking outside the box, being creative are all a part of a successful ad campaign. As long as the consumer remembers and notices your brand and has a positive association with it, you are golden.


Creating Style Books

If your company is in fashion or beauty industry, it's crucial to create seasonal style books. It will help your customers create their own looks and it will help them to understand the philosophy behind your brand and the general image you are going for. If you take Loro Piana as an example, in their style books you can see well coordinated outfits in mostly neutral tones. That's something that will help the consumer to understand if this is the look they want to go for and how to style the items they purchase on their own.


Enthusiasm is Key

Having a passion for your business or career can not be underestimated. Without enthusiasm, it's impossible to create a business or start a career that will actually last. Often, there are long stretches of time when things do not work out as expected, without genuine interest and passion for the field you are in, it will be impossible to persevere. Make sure you are passionate about what you do, the rest will follow.


Uniqueness of Your Brand

No matter what field you are in, there is already competition that's creating products or services that are very similar to what you have in mind. However, it's important to find a unique, interesting angle under which you can produce and market your products or services. Something that will make you stand out from competition. From creative solutions, like the red soles of Louboutin shoes to hand-crafted 10 per week produced items like Hermes' Birkin bags, there are ways to make your products stand out. Wether it's quality, quantity, delivery speed or extras, there are multiple ways to beat competition and carve out a piece of market for your business. Again, interest in your field, observation, analysis, creativity and your gut feeling are all a part of creating a unique brand that will fill a void in the market.


Getting Your Products to the Consumers

There are multiple ways to sell your products. From bulk orders from buyers to online stores and Amazon selling pages, there are multiple ways to get your product to the end consumer. Depending on your business scale and model, you can either start showcasing your products at fashion fairs, set up appointments with buyers of the large stores or just set up your own online shop. Whichever way you choose, make sure you are prepared for the long haul, no one made it after only one meeting. Even the biggest names in the industry have been rejected multiple times before someone took a chance on them. Stay positive and keep on with your plan. Things will start moving eventually. Do not take rejections personally, it's just business and it's a part of the process.


Buyers Vs. Online Shop

When working with buyers, you will have to give up a large portion of your profits in order for them to be able to move the merchandise. However, if it is a buyer who can take your brand to a new level, aka Bergdorf Goodman or another iconic store, the profits you will be giving up will pay off tenfold once your brand gains popularity and is able to stand on its own. Alternatively, you can opt for an online shop. It gives you full freedom, but it also gives you a lot of responsibilities, from brining the customers to the page (advertising and promotions) to website maintenance, stock, shippings and returns. Knowing what you are good at and how strong your organizational skills are, you can choose the path that works best for you. For more creative, high flying spirits, working with buyers could be a much easier path. For business-oriented people, tackling an online store could be a great option to try.

Hopefully, with these amazing tips on how to build your brand awareness, you will be able to take your brand to a new level. Just keep moving in the direction of your dreams every day, even if it's just half an hour a day, and things will start falling into place.

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