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Heather Mills is at It Again

By HollyWit

PAUL McCartney's divorce from Heather Mills McCartney is getting so nasty, she's now threatening to make unsubstantiated claims that McCartney's poor parenting in the past led two of his children to contemplate suicide.

"Paul is asking for full custody of their child, Beatrice," a friend of Mills told us. "Heather is furious. There is no way she would ever, ever agree to that."

Mills is so desperate to keep Beatrice that she is prepared to make the outrageous and unsubstantiated claim to a London divorce court that Paul was such "a bad father" to two of his children with Linda McCartney that they considered taking their own lives. McCartney has four adult children from his happy marriage to Linda - Heather, Mary, Stella and James.

There is no evidence that any McCartney child has ever considered committing suicide. All of his adult children have always said how much they love and admire their father - and come out against Mills.

In her desperation, Mills is asking for full custody of 3-year-old Beatrice. She is also acting as her own lawyer - having fired her divorce attorneys because "she felt she could do a better job herself," her friend said.

Meanwhile, the financial settlement is still far from being completed.

"Paul gave Heather a gorgeous London home, but now she wants a home in L.A., too," Mills' pal said. The friend added, "At first, she told Paul she would walk away for just $100 million - which is very cheap. He is worth billions. But now that [the divorce] has gotten so nasty, she wants more."

Allegations on both sides of the case have gotten gnarly. McCartney's friends claim Mills, who had to suffer through nude porno shots of her published by London papers last year, is an unstable liar and may have worked as an escort in her youth.

Mills claims that McCartney is not the sweet, cuddly figure his millions of fans think he is.

A spokesman for McCartney declined to discuss the matter: "We have not and will not perpetuate tabloid fodder."

Heather Mills needs a good swift kick in her arse! Then she needs to shut the f$$k up and take whatever dough Sir Paul has offered and get out of sight. Nobody messes with a legend!

Source: Page Six

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