Friday Was a Photo Shoot That Was Oh so Glamorous ...


Friday Was a Photo Shoot That Was Oh so Glamorous ...
Friday Was a Photo Shoot That Was Oh so Glamorous ...

Friday was a photo shoot that was oh so glamorous and oh so difficult! Why? Well..... I'll just blame the NY weather for that one.

A fashion editorial for the new Social Life magazine that shows 2 glamorous models jet setting off to exotic places around the world for their December Issue.

How to accomplish this? Jet set everyone off to a private airport in New Jersey to be photographed in front of the most private and most expensive personal planes out there. It took months to set this up.

Call time; 6 am. (zzzzzzz am I awake yet? And being still jet lagged and on LA time, to me it's 3 am..) After prepping the models and getting them hair and makeup ready, we were off in company cars to the New Jersey airport. We were set up in the airport's conference room, and told to not go anywhere. At all. Without a personal escort and/or security. it's that private.

Here's hairstylist Rafael working away on hair! Yes, it's wigs and pieces added in....Isn't it amazing?
So the whole group of us, wardrobe, hair, makeup (me), two models, photographer, magazine editors, assistants are standing in the tiny yet elegant airport lobby
(see our lovely models?)

ready to walk out on the tarmac when security comes and tells us we need to walk directly behind him, At all times. Why? The engines of the small planes are so low to the ground that if we were to walk accidently too close or at the wrong time, we can get sucked in into the engine. Lovely!

So walk out we do to the private plane which turns out to be too small to be shot inside because lighting, camera equipment and all just won't fit to get the shot. So the shoot turns into an outside shoot, in front of plane, in front of wing, in front of plane stairs.. in freezing wind and cold. And models are in spring clothes. I'm freezing in two sweaters, a scarf and gloves. I can only imagine what the poor models are going through.
The absolutely beautiful model Alexis from Elite, and does she look familar? She did runway for the Project Runway final collections at Fashion Week!

Makeup? Is elegant,refined, polished. Just what a glamorous jet set girl looks like. Matte perfect skin, nude lips, a beautiful shimmery gold eye shadow, a soft smokey eye....Plus i got to play with a new makeup line that so far I'm just loving! (I know, I'm such a tease... don't worry.. a full reveal coming soon!)

In the end, it all gets pulled off and we get to hear wonderful stories from the pilots about celebrities that have flown out of this airport, from J.Low, Robert Redford, Johnny Carson, to Burt Reynolds and such who they all raved about how sweet and nice they all were. 9:30 pm and we're done and ready to high tail it back to Manhattan before the big storm hits.

Just another glamorous life in the very cold day of....

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