Forest Whitaker Scared the Crap out of His Fellow King of Scotland Castmates

I found this funny:

Oscar winner Forest Whitaker was so intense as ruthless Ugandan leader Idi Amin in movie The Last King Of Scotland he terrified his castmates and friends.

Ray star Kerry Washington, who played Amin’s wife Kay in the film, has been a longtime friend of the actor, but admits even she was nervous about approaching him on the set - because he was so convincing as the egotistical African tyrant.

The actress explains, "I didn’t see my friend Forest Whitaker there once because he was always Idi. There was always one foot in Forest and one foot in Idi but he never let himself completely detach from the spirit of Idi Amin.

"It was incredibly inspiring but incredibly frightening. I was scared for myself and for him because I understood where he was going as an actor, but I didn’t know how he was going to come back from this.

"You had to be careful about the things you said around him. He was really intense."

Yes. Well. It’s called ACTING, which means that you’re not ACTUALLY the person that you are playing, see.

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