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Fergie Gives Details of Her Sexual past - Lesbian Flings Drug Deals Etc.

By Wendy

So. Fergie used to have lesbian affiars, I guess….does she have a new album coming out soon or something? Is that why we’re being subjected to this nonsense? YAWN.

SEXY Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie has admitted to a series of lesbian flings.

Fergie, 31, said she rebelled against a Catholic upbringing and went on a wild sex and drugs spree when she got to 18.

She added: "I have had lesbian experiences in the past. I won’t say how many men I’ve had sex with - but I am a very sexual person. When I was going through my out-of-control phase, I could have got into very dangerous situations."

Fergie, real name Stacy Ferguson, also got drawn into Los Angeles’ sordid drug and gang culture.

She added: "I had a gun put to my head during a drug deal that went wrong. Luckily I got out of it."

Fergie, who had a UK hit with Where Is The Love, stars with Quentin Tarantino in new movie Grindhouse - playing a lesbian.


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