Empty Your Bank Account with Just Your Thumbs!

If you're an impulse shopper and a speedy texter, I fear for you. A company called ShopText has introduced a system that will allow consumers to buy products instantly by text, without having to visit a website or a store. You can already buy some products by text, for example the latest Tim McGraw CD advertisements have a texting code, and even Harry Potter magazine ads have one. Magazines like CosmoGirl will be promoting this "shop-by-text" concept in editorial and advertising pages, and Stuff will be offering CDs, DVDs, and videos games to purchase by text, as well. (I'm guessing they'll have naked models with texting codes written across their abdomens with body paint.) All you have to do is call and set up an account with ShopText, give them your address and credit card number and a pound of flesh and you're ready to spend hundreds of dollars with just the brisk touch of your thumb.

Apparently this is very important to Susan Schulz, the editor and chief of CosmoGirl, and that Shoptext is really a totally-magical dream come true for her: 'I've always had a dream that girls should be able to buy what's in the magazine. As she's flipping through, I want her to be sitting there with her phone with her magazine. It will be very interactive.' Just think! Confused 14-year-old girls everywhere will soon be able to buy totally-essential-must-have accessories that they must buy in order to be popular and have self confidence! I think that ShopText is a really cool idea, but CosmoGirl's intentions with it kind of scare me...a lot.

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