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Elizabeth Taylor Still Misses Her Dead Chipmunk Nibbles

By Wendy

I’m sorry. I totally snorted when I read this.

ELIZABETH TAYLOR "almost died" when she discovered her beloved pet chipmunk had overdosed on chocolate.

The animal-loving movie icon captured the "critter" she called NIBBLES in Washington when she was 13 and looked after him for five years - even taking him to California with her.

The young Taylor let her "buddy" run free and was devastated when her pet died after eating itself through half an Easter egg.

She tells Interview magazine, "I had left a big chocolate Easter egg, opened, way up on top of a wardrobe at a house we were renting on the beach.

"I came charging into my room to get some dry clothes. The minute I came into the room, I’d always hear a clatter from wherever he (Nibbles) was swinging, and he’d come running up my leg. But there was no sound, there was nothing.

"I looked up at the wardrobe and there was the chocolate Easter egg, half gone, and there was Nibbles, dead, lying beside it with his little feet up in the air. I almost died myself.

He’s gone to a better place, where he can further engorge himself on crap that people leave laying around.

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