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Dreams Ok Ok Ok so You Want

By Vespertine


Ok, ok, ok! So you want info on my love-life hmm? OK. Things with the boyfriend, aka, LP, are great. Over the course of the summer, we became entirely obsessed with the TV show, "24". We rented all four seasons, and devoured them all. I think its really added some depth to our relationship. There, are you happy now? ;)

Sorry, I realize that may have been a bit snarky, and certainly, left out much of the rich detail of my actual day to day with LP. Suffice it to say, I`m even more impressed with him now than I was back in February.

NOW, onto what I really wanted to write about....

I had the most ridiculous dream last night-- a dream that only an environmental lawyer would ever have. In my dream, I was reading a scientific article in an environmental journal. The article was entitled, "The Efficacy of Binder Clips on the New Jersey Pinelands", and discussed the possible beneficial effect of binder clips on pineland forest areas. According to the researchers who published the article, binder clips emit some sort of moisture spray that benefits pineland forests. In order to test the theory, the researchers had organized a number of "binder clip colonies" in the pinelands, all of which seemed to show a positive result. However, some researchers questioned the potentially adverse effects of the binder clip colonies on the woodland animals. In essense, the doubting Thomases worried that the presence of pthalates in the plastic binder clips might lead to health problems if native animals (squirells and the like) munched on the binder clip colonies.

I woke up seriously questioning whether the contrary argument regarding the pthalates might have some validity.


Nevermind the fact that the dream as a whole is completely hilarious, it occurs to me that the source of the pthalate bit is even more hilarious. A few weeks back, I stumbled over this article about the dangers of pthalates in the plastics in sex toys. So, what we have here is a really silly blender of ideas showing up in this dream. Love it!

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