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Do Science and Fashion Mix

By Josh

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I've never been one to get excited about astrology, moon phases, or birth stones, but at least I can understand why people might want to have those kinds of things displayed on a piece of jewelry. An element off the periodic table, conversely, I have no idea how listing the atomic weight of gold on your gold jewelry equates to a smart fashion statement. Nevertheless, a company called Itsnoname seems to think that these expensive hunks of metal are a good idea, and that people want to advertise that they're not only a nerd, but a wealthy nerd.

Oddly enough, when I see a giant shiny ring that lists the atomic symbol for platinum, the last thought that enters my mind is that it's made of real platinum. Even when I see it in the photo, I can't bring myself to believe that someone actually wasted precious metals to make these sinfully dorky rings. I don't know what kind of person wants to pay $6500 for a piece of jewelry that looks like it came out of a gumball machine.

I don't know, maybe they would look better with a geek-chic t-shirt? Lab coat? Matching cuff links?

[via Gear Crave]
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