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Danity Kane Commit Many Fashion Violations in One Day

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Firstly I am surprised that Danity Kane are even still in the spotlight, but that is mostly down to Piddy and his unwillingness to let Making Of The Band die.

I am secondly surprised that between these 5 girls, NONE of them own a mirror. But I guess when your album did not really sell that well the cost of a mirror - and a stylist - is not a luxury they can not afford.

They arrived at MTV TRL yesterday all dressed in white - urgh - and worst still some were wearing white shoes and some were wearing black shoes. Tackiness multiplied.

Shannon Bex is wearing Catherine Malandrino, Dawn Richard, and D. Woods are both wearing Herve Leger, but I have no clue what Aundrea Fimbres and Aubrey O'Day are wearing, and frankly, I don't want to know.

This is like an assault on my eyeballs.

When the girls signed copies of their new CD "Welcome To The Dollhouse" at Best Buy in New York (note not HMV), they could not even get a simple casual look right.

Thankfully they are not all wearing the same colour, but some co-ordination would have been worked, like each girl wearing one item the same colour, but keeping their individual style. But sadly they don't have any.

Just when you think it could not get any worst they arrived at their Album Release Party looking like they all got dressed in the dark.

Dawn almost got it right in her coral Herve Leger dress, but she ruined it with the tan shoes. Aundrea Fimbres also almost got it right, but the black shoes with her lemon taffeta dress did not work for me.

In Aubrey's attempt to steal the limelight from her band mates, she came off looking like a deranged ballerina. Girlfriend needs to take some lessons from Victoria Beckham in standing out from the group with some class.

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