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Date Now

By Gayla

eTwine Holdings, Inc’s. and has unveiled a unique online dating tool. Just when I thought there was so little anyone could do to improve online dating, this new “Date Now!” concept is released. Date Now allows singles to find and schedule dates in a matter of seconds.

Date Now is designed to specifically with busy single professionals in mind.

It seems browsing profiles - finding a match and then emailing back and forth in order to get to know one another before arranging a date is becoming outdated.’s Date Now! feature gives users the ability to post when they’re free to go out and what they’d like to do on their date. Members can select from a preset list of activities for their date ranging from coffee to cocktails and can also include a message with further details in their posting.

Once a “Date Now” has been posted, members simply wait for the responses to roll in and then select who they’d like to go out with that night. In addition to posting their own availability, members can search the Date Now listings and sort by day and activity to find a date.

At first glance this seems to be a hopping little online community and would appear there are many who feel secure enough in posting for a “Date Now” - though I don’t think I would be one of them.

I did notice there were several that were posting for “double dates” which is a brilliant idea! In this immediate gratification world we live in, isn’t there anything that’s worth waiting for anymore?

Do you or would you consider utilizing the services of and Date Now?

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