Cover Girl Professional Natural Lash Mascara – Expert Review ...

Cover Girl take us back to nature with this clear mascara which can also be used to smooth unruly eyebrows for a flawless look. Let’s take a look at the results…
Type of Mascara: Clear
Colours Available: Clear
Price Range: Cheap
Product Claims:
Tame eyebrows and create natural looking, feather light lashes with this clear conditioning gel formula. It’s hypoallergenic, opthalmologically-tested and washes off easily, beautifully!
My Experience:
I love this product…on my eyebrows only though! I’m sure some darker lashed ladies would find it works as a light mascara but I have very fair lashes and I don’t leave home without colouring them in! I would feel too naked! I like how I can shape my eyebrows with it and they stay in shape without feeling sticky or hard. It’s a nice formula and I would believe there are some nutrients in there, just on the basis of how soft my eyebrows feel. I did try it on my lashes too but I didn’t notice any results at all. They didn’t even look shiny or glossy, it just seemed to disappear! Perhaps Cover Girl need to re-market it as a brow gel?!
Overall Rating: Average
Price: $5.33 at
Have you tried this clear mascara on your lashes? Did you like the results?

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