Cover Girl Fantastic Lash Mascara – Expert Review ...

Cover Girl claims this mascara will create lashes nothing short of fantastic! Always on the lookout for lash-tastic mascara, we couldn’t wait to see the results…
Type of Mascara: Volumising
Colours Available: Black, Very Black & Black Brown
******Price** Range: Cheap
Product Claims:
Fan your lashes out! The breakthrough mascara has a formula that builds lash thickness smoothly and evenly, delivering a beautiful fan of thick lashes with superb volume, separation and definition – without clumps or spikes. Remains smudge-proof and flake-proof all day long.
My Experience:
I was thoroughly disappointed by this mascara and couldn’t wait to get it off my lashes! Initially, I thought it sounded like a good all-rounder, but unfortunately it was actually very limited in its ability. It did separate my lashes as it combed them out but not into a spectacular fan I had envisaged! There was some volume but nothing more than double my natural volume which is virtually non-existent! Overall, I thought this was a really poor mascara, there was even some clumping when I applied a second coat and it smudged too. This mascara is only good at one thing – illustrating all the things you don’t want your mascara to do!
Overall Rating: Bad
Price: $6.90
Have you tried this mascara? Did you get the fantastic lashes Cover Girl promised?

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