Couldn't Possibly Get Him to Temple =D

Date: September 2006
How we met: You know that song, "It's Raining Men?" Well, he fell right on top of me!
Previous flirtations: =)
What we did:
Yes, we arrive at the big test: Rosh Hashanah. CPGH made a special trip up to join my family for the holiday. Iā€™m not sure who was most excited for the meeting ā€“ me, CPGH, my parents, or my sister who has always adored him. My sister, her hubby, and my niece were coming in for the occasion.

CPGH and I enjoyed our usual things on Friday ā€“ he got in, we ate, we talked, we did stuff in the bedroom =). On Saturday, we journeyed out to the suburbs to see my family. I should make it clear that CPGH was not really thrilled for the religious lesson. He was excited to be with my family, but not so much the services. Ah, we have so much in common.

We spent much of the day doing what my family does, watching football, eating, and chatting. I loved seeing CPGH with my then 9-month-old niece. He played with her, giggled with her, and held conversations with my family as he did. My family is really funny around the holidays. We just love to watch football and my mother loves to continue to feed us to the point where we can barely move to the dinner table for a meal.

Somehow, we mustered the strength and sat down. During the blessings over candles, wine, and challah, my family explained a little about the religion. CPGH was interested to hear. Of course, after his whole trip up, we decided not to go to services. We did not have the hard-to-get tickets to the Rosh Hashanah services, so instead drove back into the city.

I guess I should have been concerned about this, but in truth, I have never enjoyed services. While I enjoy being with my family and hearing the music, the endless gossip and chatter during services cheapens the mood (while somehow making it bearable =D)

Though the day was light-hearted, CPGH and I did again discuss that once kids came into the picture, we would go to temple. I know that we weren't really practicing for that eventuality, but I was happy with how the weekend went. The fact that he came up to learn about the holiday (thinking we would be going to temple) meant the world to me.

FDS: 9.8 out of 10 (family + CPGH + eating + football - guiltOfNotGoingToTemple)

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