Cool Stuff from ISSE ...


Cool Stuff from ISSE ...
Cool Stuff from ISSE ...

It's hot off the presses from the ISSE Show (or as they call it, 'ice'.)

Which stands for International Salon and Spa Expo.

What's coming to a salon/spa near you? Check it out:

I Love
Check out my friend's Tamara's yoga site! Really cool yoga wear from Florida.

TIGI Makeup

Literally the ONLY makeup line to show at the show, Tigi wins me over with their great sense of fun in their products. And it doesn't hurt that the products work too. Sadly their presetation was all about blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick. Last I heard, I don't think the women of America wanted to look like Barbie Dolls. Last I checked. But their products are still worth checking out.

My favorite?
Their Eyeshadow Palettes which are to die for and super wallet friendly. Just $40 at your local salon. And the colors are gorgeous.

Another fav is their Shake-It Loose Powder in Shimmer.
Absolutely beautiful soft golden shimmer that's gorgeous and lasts forever.

They were also hyping their new After Party Cream Shadow. Goes on wet, dries and lasts forever.


Every model I know (and myself) are huge fans of Sun and their Instant Tanning products. If you want major sun fast, Sun is it. They now have a new spray-on version of their bottle tan, which I can't wait to try. Spray on is so the way to go and if you can't wait for a bit of sun to peek in your neighborhood, fake it. Goes on dark right away and tanned results a few hours later.

Till next time......

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