CAUTION Things That Increase Your Appetite


CAUTION Things That Increase Your Appetite
CAUTION Things That Increase Your Appetite

Just imagine the following situation: dining at a party or just having a meal out you suddenly notice that you have already finished a good-sized portion your plate is empty and you are not particularly hungry but nevertheless it feels as if you could still eat an elephant instead!

In this case you: either try to ignore the mental hunger of your not to look embarrassing in front of your colleagues or acquaintances for this “too healthy” appetite or having that “fish-out-of-water” look, you start waltzing around in order to get closer to food bar. Does this sound familiar?
Well, the good news is that there is nothing wrong with you!

Your HYPER APPETITE could be provoked by the following factors:


Recent studies in the field of dieting psychology proved that your appetite can considerably increase because of:

- decoration or plates of particularly bright colors (red, yellow, orange, peach)
On the other hand:
- all shades of blue and dark blue in decoration and plates and cups can reduce your appetite by 70%. So if you want to lose weight or at least not to gain any new it will be extremely helpful if you use plates, cups, table clothes or at least napkins of this color.


Have you ever met people who just can’t eat by themselves and desperately need a company even to share a trivial sandwich?

The bad news for such people is that if they are into losing weight, it is better to keep away from any kind of company while eating.
Scientific research has shown that:
- person usually consumes twice more while dining with somebody else.
But don’t try to substitute a living companion with TV shows or books while eating – the result will be the same – you’ll eat a double portion without even noticing it.

So, you’ll ask: what’s the best way to eat in order to control your appetite ?

The answer is:

-try to take small amounts of food into your mouth
-chew it well
- don’t swallow right away (by the way this will be a good service for your stomach – it will simplify digesting process)
- for dining try to avoid big companies and bright colors in decoration
- use shallow and small plates so that your meal looks considerable on it (subconsciously you’ll think that you have quite a big portion when in fact it is not)
- say ”no” to your childish habit to eat everything up in your plate

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