Bridget Moynahan Runs to Martha!

so what's a girl to do when she's pregnant with her ex-boyfriend's baby who happens to be a super hot & successful football player who is now with a supermodel who used to date a hot hollywood actor? (hello drama!) well of course you run straight to martha stewart! that's exactly what actress bridget moynahan did when she taped an appearance on martha's show which airs this monday!

girlfriend has a ton of drama at the moment while being preggers with her ex tom brady's baby who is now dating gisele bundchen - oh good times! below is a bit of dialogue from the upcoming show - i don't really have an opinion on ms. moynahan except her last name is a complete bitch to spell and i fucking can't stand that stupid ass show six degrees which is coming back to ABC - and only god (and now maybe lindsay lohan) know why! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

ms: now wouldn't you (to the audience) like to look like that (whilepregnant- referring to bridget)? what month are you in?

bm: i'm almost five months. this week (it will be) five months.

ms: five months pregnant! are you excited about being a mom?

bm: i am. i'm a little nervous cause i haven't done it before, but you know i have little nephews and its always nice to spend time with themespecially around the holidays.


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