Boing Boing Blush ...


Boing Boing Blush ...
Boing Boing Blush ... OK, there's really no other way to say this: I am obsessed with **Vincent Longo's Water Canvas Blush** (and I don't even own it...yet).

Sure, the colors are beautiful, in an amazing range of shades, and the application is smooth and flawless, but the most amazing thing about this creme-to-powder blush is its texture.

You know those Tempur-pedic mattresses from the TV infomercials? The ones with the revolutionary, space age, spongy material? That's what this blush feels like. It's a completely different texture than anything I've ever experienced in a cosmetic product. You can literally push down on the surface of the blush without breaking the surface, and it'll bounce back. It feels like resilient foam rubber. But, when you rub it lightly with your fingers, it deposits just the right amount of color. It is so damn cool; I just couldn't stop playing with it in the store.

It appears this unique texture was created with seaweed polymers and a water-based formula (the description says Water Canvas Blush is 75% microwater; you may be better off asking **The Beauty Brains** about that one).

However it was created, it's certainly unlike anything I've ever seen before. Head over to a Sephora and give this one a whirl!

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