8 Bizarre Bacon Products ...


8 Bizarre Bacon Products ...
8 Bizarre Bacon Products ...

Ahh bacon... For some of us, bacon is a gift from the gods, a taste of paradise itself. If you agree, we have a treat for you in the form of bizarre bacon products. If you cannot get enough of this sweet-smoky goodness, these are definitely for you. Enjoy!

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Baconnaise Price: $5.99 at thinkgeek

Yes, that's right, this is bacon that you can spread on bagel and toast. For those who are lazy and cannot be bothered with sandwiches that involve more than three ingredients, the baconnaise will save your life. The manufacturer of this bizarre bacon product believes that “everything should taste like bacon.” Here's the crazy part, though: baconnaise is vegetarian and kosher.


Bacon Lip Balm

Bacon Lip Balm Price: $3.99 at thinkgeek

The second of these bizarre bacon products is brought to you by the same manufacturer of the baconnaise. The bacon lip balm is the ultimate lip moisturiser for those who cannot get enough of bacon. They really weren't kidding about that “everything should taste like bacon” logo, were they? The Bacon Lip Balm costs only $3.99. Other active ingredients include beeswax, aloe vera oil, and Vitamin E acetate. So basically, you will be tasting your favourite food all day while protecting your lips, too.


Bacon Soap

Bacon Soap Price: $5.99 at thinkgeek

This is bizarre because when you really think about it, some people, especially those who work in the food service industry, will kill NOT to smell like bacon. But then, not everyone fries bacon for a living. Not only does it smell like bacon, it kind of looks like bacon, too! Just a warning, though, eating this soap is not good for your health.


Bacon Air Freshener

Bacon Air Freshener Price: $2.00 at archie mcphee

Of all the bizarre bacon products we have here, this is something I would never buy. This will be the death of any diet you want to start. Each air freshener measures only 4 inches tall and costs only $2. Do not limit yourself by having these just in your home. How about your car? Or your office? Any place where you need to be reminded that life is beautiful because bacon exists, really.


Bacon Floss

Bacon Floss Price: $4.95 at archie mcphee

Who said that your mouth-cleaning activities have to involve minty products only? Who decided that you can't clean your mouth with products that taste like the food you just ate? No one, right? And so enters the bacon floss --- it comes in your favourite flavor in the whole world and keeps your teeth in tip-top shape, too! Dentists would surely recommend this product, especially to those who find flossing quite tedious.


Bacon Gumballs

Bacon Gumballs Price: $3.50 at archie mcphee

Apparently, these “taste like bacon and blow like bubbles.” These gumballs, however, are not made of bacon. They are simply bacon-flavored. Unfortunately, the man who can find a way to manufacture gumballs made purely of bacon is yet to find his calling. Or he has not been born yet. For now, you bacon lovers can get yourself a tin or two of these bacon gumballs. These are perfect products that will add an element of play to your undying love for bacon.


Bacon Wallet

Bacon Wallet Price: $11.95 at archie mcphee

A bacon wallet for bringing home the bacon in! This wallet is made of faux leather and not of real bacon. You have to admit, a wallet made of real bacon is unsanitary. And will most likely not last long inside your back pocket.


Bacon Infant Formula

Bacon Infant Formula Price: $19.99 at j&d's

This is a list of bizarre bacon products and an infant formula made of bacon simply has to be included. Brought to you by the same company that produces the baconnaise and bacon lip balm, the bacon infant formula has a waiting list for the product at the moment. This does not mean that they do not trust their product. In fact, they have claimed that they have done extensive research on their infant formula. They are calling it a superfood for baby and yes, they have tested it on an actual infant.

So, bacon lovers, which of these bizarre bacon products have you tried? If whatever you tried tasted like heaven, let us know!

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Bacon lip balm...wow! These are weird huh!

I just have to try the lip balm.. The baby formula is a little disturbing though..

This is freaking hilarious! I have bacon band-aids and I deffinitely want that bacon lip balm. So cool. I love this post!

You forgot bacon chocolate!!! It's grossly delicious!

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