Best Nordstrom Purchase Saved for Last: the New Quilted Classic Chanel Wallet Purse in Sexy Red!

My last stop of the day ended up being the Chanel boutique at Nordstrom, and I got to oogle the Chanel quilted 2.55 classic with charms as seen on Mischa Barton last week. It is gorgeous, but its also a little over US$4000, which is miles above my price range. Above is a picture of the gold goatskin contrast stitched walletviewable on the Chanel USA website, which is the closest picture match to the beautiful convertible wallet purse that I could find. Click on the jump below to see pictures of the actual red wallet purse! I must warn you guys ahead of time that the photos I managed to take on my webcam are of horrible quality, but hopefully the beauty of the red wallet purse will shine through!

I promise, I would not have forced ya'll to view these horrible quality pictures if it weren't absolutely necessary. I simply couldn't find other photos and the bag is just too cute for words! It is actually quite small, which is why the price is merely US$1800 as opposed to the US$4000 for the Chanel Classic 2.55.

The bag is convertible and stylish, which allows for many versatile ways to wear it. You can see from this picture why its a wallet hybrid; it boasts card slots, several zippered compartments for loose items, and is very small! The chain can be worn long and slung over a shoulder, or worn short by doubling across the flap, or tucked away completely so that you can tuck this little jewel as a clutch. I haven't quite digested that US$1800 was spent on this, but with all these awesome ways to wear it, maybe it'll be worth it!

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