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By Camille

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Spring break is fast approaching and everyone is ready to go on their tropical vacations. There are a lot of beach trends this year that I'm excited about. Last year, there were a few beach trend reports like nautical stripes, one- piece swimsuits, floppy hats, and ocean life prints. The next few posts will be on beach trends. This first one is on nautical fashion.

What I've noticed nautical fashion to be is, big buttons, navy, rolled up shorts, stripes, and sailor inspired looks like, anchors, neck ties, and tailored finishes. It's a very chic and clean look and it works great for warm weather.

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Product of the Week:

The product of the week is Bliss Body Buff. I was walking through Sephora browsing, smelling and sampling when I came upon this exfoliating scrub. It contains shea and almond oil with an amazing natural vanilla scent. I can't quite get myself to pay $36 for 12oz, so I'll just keep getting my regular take home samples. By the way, it works amazing too. It leaves my skin crazy soft! I recommend.


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