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An Elke in NY Update.

By Elke

Well, yep. I'm still here in NY. And so far it's been great!

I came out originally for a catalog photo shoot that went from 2 days to about 5, with the nicest group of models, creative team and clients I could dream of. Everyone from assistants on up to the top were just the nicest, easiest group of people to work with. And yes, my feet was killing me after standing on cement studio floors for 3 days straight. And an extra day of shooting in Central Park was great. Needless to say I woke up at my carpool call time of 7am, (alarm never went off!), but made the call time of 8am for the shoot, thanks to a quick phone call to Carmel Car Service who instantly got me to my exact location. Thanks Carmel! Your drivers rock!

So I'm still here, also with a personal goal that I'm trying to fulfill. I've told myself I'm not leaving NY until my goal comes true.

But in the meantime, I've been taking my book almost every day to clients, and getting great response so far. I've also hooked up with fashion stylist Ursula, who happily got me hooked up with 6degrees magazine for a few fashion editorials! I'll be shooting the 3rd one tomorrow and let me tell you. The concepts, photographers, and models put LA to shame. No one here shoots just to test, no way. They shoot here for magazines and definitely make it worth your while. To shoot to get a print in your book is not good enough. And I don't blame them. A tearsheet in a magazine is worth so much more in your book. Why? It gets your name out there. And that's the name of the game.

Take a shoot I did 2 days ago. The model is with Trump Models, has only here in NY for 4 days so far, from Paris. Originally from Russia. And beautiful.

Stylist: Ursula M. Agurto
Hair: Elke
Photographer: Eric Hason
Model: Nadiya C. from Trump Models

Meanwhile, I'm waiting to hear about a possible 10 page editorial + cover for Bridal Guide magazine that I'm on hold for next week.

So tonight, I'm finally off to play! I'm going out to dinner with a good girlfriend at Becco's Italian Restaurant near Times Square. I can't wait. Literally the first non-work fun thing I've done since I've been here... And this weekend, it's off to the IBS (International Beauty Show) at Jacobs Javitts Center in NY for the biggest beauty trade show in the US. Every hair care company you can think of that's salon care will be there. I'll be sure to let you know if I see anything newsworthy!

And not to forget, today's my mom's birthday! A happy happy birthday Mommy, and I'm so sad I'm not there to wish you in person, but as promised, we'll celebrate when I get back.

till next time.....

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