Always in Fashion: Luxurious Leather ...

Leather jackets are never far from being totally in. Occasionally, they go slightly out of fashion but it's never for very long. They are certainly right on trend now. Young Hollywood cannot get enough of fitted leather bomber jackets and the label of choice is most definitely Mike and Chris. If you've got cash and want a piece of this trend for yourself then Mike and Chris would be my only recommendation.

There are several styles to choose from but my favourite is the Mike and Chris 'Clark' distressed leather hoodie, as seen on Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera. Shop Mava stock this in black or wine for $895 (use code JSTYLE for 20% off). This is to die for and really is something you'll be wearing in years to come.

There are some good alternatives on the high street if you look hard enough. It's possible you could even get lucky and find something in the January sales. Online, here's my pick of the best. Clockwise from top left: Topshop leather bomber £120, Miss Selfridge washed leather jacket £90, Warehouse berry jacket £120 (also comes in black and green) and River Island tan jacket £120. My fave is the Miss Selfridge one because I love the look of washed leather - I just think this looks so soft and chic and £90 is a fantastic price.

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