Almay Intense I-Colour Play up Thickening Mascara – Expert Review ...

Almay claim this mascara can boost the thickness of your lashes by a whopping 300%! That’s a whole lot of thickness! Let’s take a look at its true colours…
Type of Mascara: Thickening
Colours Available: Black Pearl, Brown Topaz, Purple Amethyst & Raisin Quartz
Price Range: Cheap
Product Claims:
Create beautifully fuller lashes with a subtle hint of contrasting color to instantly intensify your eye color. Defining brush gives up to 300% fuller lashes that are beautifully full and without clumps. Smudge-resistant formula is enriched with silk proteins and Vitamins A & E to keep lashes soft.
My Experience:
I was disappointed with Almay’s Lengthening mascara in this range, so I was keen to check if the thickening version was any better. The first thing I noticed was the rubber bristled-brush which seems to be a new trend in the mascara industry! The formula had a thick heavy consistency and it was inevitable that it would clump! After combing it looked better, but the thickening was minimal and probably closer to 30%, if even that! Throughout the day, the mascara stayed on well and no signs of flaking. The colour was really subtle, but I think it did work at intensifying my eye colour. Unfortunately this is not enough! I wouldn’t buy this product and I think Almay are making promises they can’t keep!
Overall Rating: Bad
Price: $5.99 at
Have you tried this mascara? Did it thicken your lashes?

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