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My mother is addicted to her email account and surfing the web, and perhaps your mom is attached to her ipod or her digital camera. Since it seems that even our mothers are becoming technology enthusiasts, what better gift to give them for Mother’s day than something to make their digital lives more fun or helpful? Here are some of our suggestions.

1) Customized Laptop Skin from Aspoke - Upload the image of your choice to and have them create a custom laptop cover for your mom’s laptop. You could choose a family portrait, some artwork you’ve created or maybe a photo of the family pet. $33.00

2) Kensington Si750m LE Pink Wireless Notebook Mouse - This is a great mobile mouse, our mobile mouse of choice actually. It performs very well, has pink accents and it’s part of a program to support the fight against Breast cancer. $34.95

3) Sansa">">Sansa Express Mp3 Player - The iPod Shuffle is quite cool, but this is the best valued flash mp3 player out there. $59.99 gets you an OLED screen, USB connector, and an FM Radio. Take that Shuffle!

4) The Sims 2 - Sure, it’s kind of old already, but this game is really popular amongst women of all ages and it just might be new to your mom. And the $29 price certainly is sweet.

5) If all else fails get her a laptop case. There are so many fashionable laptop cases to choose from nowadays, it’s kind of overwhelming. Of course, the pricing can help narrow down the choices. Here are some good companies with fashionable yet pretty affordable laptop bags: Mobile Edge, Pinder Bags, Women in Business, just to name a few.

And in case you end up needing to get one last minute, head over to Target where they have a nice selection of bags for affordable prices.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Cool gadgets! Last Mother’s Day I introduced a new software to my friend’s mom, who is working as a Software Engineer. The software will allow Tita to come up with different looks of herself. She was able to take a look of her face from the teenager look to ten years ahead of her age. Amazing isn’t it? An added bonus was she was able to practice doing the right make up and hairdo for herself through the gadget.

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