A New Photo. Foto Nicholas Routzin Makeup ...


A New Photo. Foto Nicholas Routzin Makeup ...
A New Photo. Foto Nicholas Routzin Makeup ...

A new photo.
Foto: Nicholas Routzin
Makeup Only.

Every now and then I do a photo shoot that just worries me.

Like the photos above. (Can't see? Click here.)

Now don't me wrong. A lot of photo shoots I do are very much what you see is what you get. But in this case? This one scared me to death. Why? It definitely was a case of what I saw with my eyes was totally different. The makeup on this poor girl was so bright and heavy, it looked like someone beat her up. I'm not joking. Super fuscia, screaming bright yellow.. all the while the photographer telling me "don't worry, don't worry." Well, the wonders of lighting and photo shop and wow. I call these shots Angel. I used diamond eye lashes that had little diamond gems on them... So beautiful. The hairstylist sprayed white hair color in her hair and onto her forehead, which I blended into a whiter foundation, soft pink gloss which then got turned up with more bright colors added to the eyes.

The best part? I got to play with new brushes that you can get from Mac. They're thefiber optic ones with the black bristels with the white tips.

Like this

and this

Wow, these brushes are AMAZING. Ever wanted to do airbrush makeup? Forget that. These brushes make colors blend so beautifully, I was beside myself. Use a large one to buff foundation on after you've applied it, and it'll look flawless. Use smaller ones for blush and eye shadows. You can apply and blend all in one. Amazing. Damn these brushes make me look good.

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