8 Things to Teach Your Kids about Money ...

As parents, we have to teach our kids so many things, and as they get older, we realize a lot of what they learn, we don’t even realize we’re teaching them… they’re learning by watching us! If we have good habits, then that’s great, but if we don’t have the best habits, we could be teaching them things we realy don’t want to be. An example? If we’re trying to teach them about exercise and nutrition, but they never see us exercise, and all we eat is junk food, our kids are going to pay more attention to what they see us doing than what we tell them to do. The same can be said for financial habits; if our kids see us making smart money decisions, they’ll learn those good habits, too! Here’s my list of 8 things to teach your kids about money, things we can be explaining to them as we do them…

1. ATMs Don’t “give” You Money

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When my oldest daughter was little, she’d ask for something, and I’d tell her I didn’t have the money for it… then one day she said, “Just go get some from the ATM!” This was the perfect time to teach her that the money from an ATM isn’t “free,” it’s money I have in the bank. So if I don’t have money in my bank, the ATM won’t give me any.

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