8 Reasons to Drink More Coffee ...

When I was little, my parents told me coffee would stunt my growth. Today, coffee is the center of most adult gatherings. There are a few tea drinkers in the family, but they will also share a cup of Joe with the rest of us when tea isn’t available. Coffee with caffeine has been made out to be a beverage that should be consumed in moderation, but here are 8 reasons to drink more coffee. I can only drink so much coffee in a day, however, these reasons made me a lot less leery of taking just one more cup to go.

8. Coffee Protects the Liver

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Photo Credit: S.N.Hussain

Gallbladder function is stimulated by the caffeine in coffee, thus reducing the risk of gallstones developing. Cirrhosis of the liver occurs less in people who are heavy drinkers of coffee. There is a certain enzyme that builds up in the liver that causes the liver to deteriorate. Caffeinated coffee is one key to keeping these enzyme numbers low.

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