7 Tips on Making Dirt Pie ...

Like most kids, mine are all about the sweets. Dirt Pie, also known as Dirt Cake, is always a request during birthdays and special events. You’d think they’d get tired of this sickeningly sweet dessert. Lucky for them, I love to make it. I don’t think I’ve made the same style two times in a row. The following 7 tips on making Dirt Pie include some decorating ideas, as well as a few tips on the actual making of this yummy treat.

7. Use a Potato Masher to Crush the Cookies

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Photo Credit: mrvklaw

I used to place all the cookies in a gallon baggie and take the rolling pin to them. I ended up poking holes in the bag a number of times and ended up with a bit of a mess at the end. I found it easier to crush the cookies a few at a time in a bowl with my potato masher. I ended up with a lot less chunks of cookies leftover too. The ‘dirt’ was much more uniform in texture and color.

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