7 Spa Treatments You Can do at Home ...

For the majority of women, getting a professional spa treatment may seem like heaven on earth. Whether you are a working woman, professional woman or stay at home mom, we all dream of the spa experience. A massage and a good soak can cause your worries to flee. Honestly, though, in today's poor economy, it's almost impossible to afford a spa appointment, much less add on a manicure. Why not treat yourself to a spa treatment at home? Here are 7 easy spa treatments for pampering yourself without leaving home.

1. Paint Your Nails

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This may sound ridiculously simple, but a little color on those digits will put a smile on your face... and it's very, very easy to do this at home. Soak your nails, then apply your favorite varnish, top coat, and lotion... so relaxing!

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