7 Disadvantages of Acrylic/UV Gel Nails …


As a former user and a frequent visitor and helper in my sister’s beauty salon, I don’t really have a reason to speak against these procedures that could help you have long, strong and perfectly manicured nails. However, fair is fair and, since I’m a Libra who strongly believes “every medal has two sides”, I can’t close my eyes to some of the evident disadvantages these procedures have. So, here’s what I need to point out:

1. You Can Have a Nasty Injury

When you break your natural nail, the chances are it won’t break too high and start bleeding. With gel and acrylic, in the other hand, nail breaks on the weakest spot and that is often not the tip but somewhere in the middle. An injury like this can be fixed but that’s way too painful, at least for me, and I’ve always preferred to cut it short and leave it to heal. I don’t want to risk any infections and whatnot.

You Depend on Your Manicurist
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