10 Second Secrets to Salon Perfect Hair


10 Second Secrets to Salon Perfect Hair
10 Second Secrets to Salon Perfect Hair

Our hair doesn't always want to cooperate with us and will sometimes send us running

for our Bad Hair Day hat to cover it up. I've assembled a few quick fixes for some of the most common and frustrating problems.

When you want to sculpt your cheeks and accentuate your eyes, the secret is to add a little volume at the back of the crown only. Too much volume at the front hairline takes the focus off the face and directs it to the hair. To achieve this simply part the front two inches of your hair as usual and brush the rest backward. Wrap the back-brushed hair around the barrel of a large round brush and blast it for five seconds with cool air from your blow dryer. Then just spritz with hairspray and you're set for the day.

If the waves you set in the morning tend to become limp by lunchtime, keep a mineral

water spritzer in your purse. Just mist, then scrunch with your fingers. The mineral water will "break" the hydrogen bonds in each strand that give hair its flexibility so it can be reset with the simply scrunching action. As hair dries, the bonds reform and seal in your waves.

To make split ends instantly disappear, spritz a large round hairbrush with hairspray, roll the ends of dry hair under and hit it with a blast of heat from your blow dryer. Repeat working your way around the head. Thanks to brushes that have 360 degree bristles, spritzing the brush - rather than the strands - enables the sray to coat hair from all angles. Which, in turn, slicks down frayed cuticles for a perfectly polished look.

Make dull hair shiny by running a silk scarf over your strands from roots to ends.

Positively charged particles from the scarf will transfer to your hair, where you'll end with a sleek shine.

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