7 Wonderfully Enticing Indian Cooking Blogs...


Indian Cooking Blogs are the blogs you visit if you want to know the many twists and turns of Indian cuisine.

The 7 Indian cooking blogs I have gathered here have recipes and cooking tips for cooks of all skill levels.

These Indian cooking blogs also have the right amount of eye candy to get you through the day, whether you love to cook or you just love beautiful photos.

1. Quick Indian Cooking

Quick Indian Cooking

This is the Indian cooking blog you check out if you are looking for recipes that are not only easy, but healthy, too.

You will love this blog because it is wonderfully written and the photos are beautiful.

And if you want to visit only for the recipes, do not worry, the blog is easy to navigate.

2. Indian Food Rocks

Indian Food Rocks

And yes, it does.

I do love me some Indian food even though I know that the restaurants in my city serve less than authentic dishes.

Thankfully, this Indian cooking blog offers many recipes that I can whip up myself.

Aside from the recipes, this is also a great blog that shows you a glimpse of India.

Love their photos, too.

3. Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes

Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes

Their latest recipe is for samosas.

And oh my golly, I can never have enough samosas (especially the no-meat variety).

While I see if I can make their latest recipe, why don't you give their blog a visit?

I'm sure you will agree with me that this is one of the wonderful Indian cooking blogs out there.

A bonus: they also post international recipes.

4. Kamala's Corner

Kamala's Corner

Kamala's blog is certainly one of the amazing Indian cooking blogs out there.

The recipes here are mostly South Indian and vegetarian.

So if you are looking for Indian recipes that are healthy and oh-so-appetizing, Kamala's Corner is where you go.

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