11 Amazing Home Beauty Tips …

Home beauty tips are always fun to research and try out - who doesn't love mixing up a facial mask from things right in your kitchen?

I remember experimenting with plenty of home beauty tips when I was a teenager with all my friends.

We'd get together and have a ball!

I'd love to share some of my favorite home beauty tips and remedies with you today.

Whether you want to throw a spa party with friends or try them out solo you will enjoy these home beauty tips!

1. Exfoliate


No need to spend $$$ on a pricey body scrub in the store!

There are plenty of home beauty tips that save you money, and with this one, you will have smooth skin at a fraction of the price.

Wet the desired area, then gently buff with a few teaspoons of sea salt.

Be careful to avoid the eye area.

Rinse with cold water afterwards and follow up with a lotion or body cream!

Dark Circles