7 Gorgeous Eye Makeup Ideas ...


With summer here and in full swing, us girly-girls are busting at the seams to play with our fabulous bright and beautiful eyeshadows! But just in case you need a few fresh ideas on how to rock your gorgeous eye makeup, or maybe you need some ideas on what gorgeous eye makeup to wear, I'm here for you with the seasons hottest, newest, and most gorgeous eye makeup ideas! Keep on reading and get ready to be the star of summertime!

1. Play Matchy-Matchy

And just when you thought the days of matching your eyeshadow to your clothes was over! The key with this absolutely gorgeous eye makeup idea is subtle yet extremely effective. Opt for a sheer formula, and don't make it an exact match to your dress. For example, if you are wearing black, do a gray shadow. If you are wearing purple, do a plum shade and so forth. This will keep you from looking like you stepped out of the 80's!

Dare to Be Bold
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