A Classy Version of Britney Hat


I donโ€™t wear hats except my husbandโ€™s New York Yankees baseball cap on bad hair days.

Sometimes I do browse hats at trendy accessory shops just to see if they carry โ€œBritneyโ€ hats, as I like to call them.

Sure, the pop princess-turned-pop jester has made a slew of mistakes, from worst dressed to awful parenting, but I actually miss the old Britneyโ€ฆ Justin Timberlakeโ€™s good-looking and somewhat innocent girlfriend Ms.


Remember her?

Well, Iโ€™ve always admired the cute vintage-ey hats Britney used to wear- and this one by Missoni reminds me of a more modern/posh version of what she wore 5 years ago.2

The colors on this hat are subtle, so it could be paired up with a casual outfit in neutral colors- especially a white top and jeans for instance.

It can also be used as a head covering for a starlet hiding from paparazzi madness while shopping or grabbing fraps at Starbucks.

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