8 Ways to Shop like a Pro ...


Ladies, looking good is important.

Whether you’re working or at school, you want to your clothes to suit your personality, your body type and, of course, your bank balance.

While this might seem simple enough, I’m sure you’ll agree that mistakes are not unusual, and often fashion faux pas are the result of bad shopping.

I’m a retail junkie, and I’m sure most of you can relate, but every now and then I get a glimpse of why some of us hate to shop.

Without a clear idea of what you’re looking for in mind, buying clothes can be totally overwhelming.2

Here’s a list to guide retail rookies through the shopping experience …

1. Cull without Mercy

Before you head out for a major shop, take a few hours to rid your wardrobe of everything you don’t need anymore.2

I know it can be hard parting with some of the stuff, but if you haven’t worn it in a year and it’s not couture or a classic then, trust me ladies, it needs to go out.

Bag up all the cast offs and take them to a charity.

That way you’re helping yourself and others all at the same the same time!2

Know Your Wardrobe
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