7 Ways to Get Your Man to Clean up ...


Let’s face it, house cleaning is a chore that most women end up doing and most men end up shirking.

Show me a man who regularly helps to clean up and I’ll show you a woman with a gun to his head.

Getting your man to clean is a difficult task but not insurmountable.

Here are 7 ways to get your man to participate in regular house cleaning.

1. Ask Him Nicely to Clean up

It may seem like an obvious tip but have you actually ever asked him nicely to clean up?

Chances are, you’ve been seeing so much of his junk lying around that by the time you finally see his face, this splurge of irritation comes forth in the form of yelling and nagging.

Before you begin any more serious attempts to get him to do some house cleaning, try asking him nicely to help.

It just might work.

2. Offer Something in Exchange for Cleaning up

It is a well-known fact that men are motivated by three things – sex, food and entertainment, although the order varies with the man.

So maybe next time he leaves his shoes lying around and his clothes strewn around tell him that if he cleans up, you will make him his favorite pot roast.

Even better ask him to clean up while dangling your latest Victoria’s Secret purchase in front of him.

3. Threaten to Withhold Something He Really Likes

If the bartering doesn’t work, maybe it’s time to threaten him.

If he’s a regular golfer, tell him you’ve got a plan with the girls and need him to watch the kids on his golf day.2

As he begs and pleads for you to reschedule, slip in a ‘clean up’ condition.

He’ll probably be so desperate to catch his round he’ll do anything.

Make the Threat a Reality
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