7 Things to Consider While Buying a Laptop ...


Laptops are becoming more and more common.

However, most people who go out to buy laptops do not know enough about them to be able to buy the one that would be most useful to them.

Also, often they get cheated by savvy salesmen who can easily identify customers who are not technically savvy.

Here are things to consider while buying a laptop.

1. Size of the Laptop

The most common screen sizes available today range between 12.1 inches and 14.4 inches.

However sizes both bigger and smaller than these are available.2

If you are likely to travel a lot, a smaller screen may be more useful to you as they take less space, especially convenient if you are a frequent air traveler.3

But, if you are likely to be in one place more often, you would probably prefer a larger screen.2

2. Weight of the Laptop

The weight of the laptop is definitely one of the things to consider while buying a laptop.2

A heavy and bulky laptop can result in constant back and neck pain if you are traveling a lot with it.

If you are likely to be in one place, you will probably appreciate the many additional features that come with a bulkier laptop.

3. Input Devices of the Laptop

While it is possible to use a mouse with a laptop, it may turn out to be cumbersome in many situations, like in an airplane for instance.

You will need to decide which input device you are more comfortable with- the touchpad or the pointing stick and then buy a laptop that has the input device of your choice.

4. Batteries of the Laptop

Batteries are definitely amongst the important things to consider while buying a laptop.2

If you are likely to be able to charge your laptop often, you can choose the cheaper option of NiMH batteries.

However, if you are likely to be on the go, you will need the longer lasting Li+ batteries.

Display of the Laptop
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