7 Reasons Why a Crash Diet is a Bad Idea ...


Looking to lose weight fast?

How about a crash diet?

Crash diets promise quick weight loss with a drastic change in your eating habits.2

Sounds great, right?

Think again!

Nutritionists and other health professionals repeatedly warn us against the dangers of crash diets.

Here are 7 reasons why a crash diet is a no good, very bad, horrible idea!

1. The Aspect

The Aspect

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The difference between a crash diet and a healthy weight loss program is that while a well-rounded, sustainable diet focuses on a nutritious varied diet, crash diets focus on exclusively on dramatically decreasing calorie consumption or promising to add a wonder food to your diet that will magically burn fat for you.

A crash diet is any plan that incorporates less than 1,200 calories a day.

Some crash diet programs include extreme exercise routines, while others claim exercise is not needed to achieve results.2

The key is balance between healthy eating and conceivable exercise on a regular basis.

2. The Significance

The Significance

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When you begin a crash diet, you may experience a quick loss of pounds within the first week or two of following the plan.

While this revs you up and makes the diet appear to be working, be cautioned that another reason might be responsible for why you are losing weight so quickly.3

It’s not because you’re losing fat, but because you are using up your body's store of glycogen and water.

Sadly, neither of these losses are permanent.

The only long-term weight loss solution is to lose fat, but most crash diet regimens don’t promote long-term fat loss.

3. The Health Impact

The Health Impact

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Crash dieting has an awful effect on your health.3

When you constantly put your body through the stress of losing and gaining weight you increase the risk of heart attacks and the development of atherosclerosis.2

Yo-yo dieting through the years can cause an increase in cholesterol and is thought to weaken the immune system.

Another thing to consider — crash dieting slows your metabolism to the point that, instead of losing pounds you end up gaining them!

This is because during a crash diet you consume so few calories your body hangs onto them for dear life when you eat thinking that you are starving to death!

These are just a few of many detrimental health issues that may arise from crash dieting.2

The Psychological Impact
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