Wedding Planning during Uncertain Times ...


Wedding Planning during Uncertain Times ...
Wedding Planning during Uncertain Times ...

Planning a wedding is a difficult undertaking in normal times, let alone during a global pandemic. While a cloud of uncertainty adds an extra dimension and dynamic to the wedding planning process, it’s not enough to derail your efforts if you plan and adapt accordingly. Relax and take a deep breath. You’ve got this!

With this in mind, let’s take a look at five tips for planning a wedding during uncertain times:

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Go Digital

With so many bakeries, bridal stores, and similar shops closed or limiting foot traffic, it might be a good idea to get as much of your wedding shopping done online as possible. For example, why not browse and buy wedding invitations online? All the final details can be done digitally, and the invitations get sent out on your behalf. While planning a wedding online isn’t for everyone, having the option is useful during a pandemic.


Go Lean

It’s natural to tighten your purse strings during uncertain times. With this in mind, consider dialing back on the size and scope of your initial wedding plans. While going all out is the dream, it’s not essential. It’s not worth going into debt to pay for a wedding if it means worrying about your financial future. What’s more, everyone is expected weddings to be downsized, so nobody will even notice!


Incorporate CDC Guidelines

Public health officials generally advise against large indoor gatherings, especially as temperatures drop. However, those living in warmer regions might be able to hold the entire wedding outside. Weddings that incorporate CDC guidelines regarding social distancing, wearing masks, and limiting the number of shared surfaces can also be a way to pull it off in the middle of the pandemic.


Anticipate Challenges

As mentioned at the start of the article, weddings are difficult to plan in general. Overcoming unexpected challenges is part of the process. While you won’t be able to correctly predict every problem that develops while planning your wedding, the second-best option is to be prepared for disruptions as best as possible. That way, when problems happen (and they will), you’ll at least have the right mindset for getting them solved.


Put Things in Perspective

No matter how bad things seem to be getting, it can always be worse. Furthermore, what seems like bad timing today will look more like an accidental blessing years later. As you and your partner look back on your pandemic wedding, it’ll have greater significance than if you’d been married during more ordinary times. You’ll always have an interesting story to tell when you talk about your wedding, and ultimately, you’ll be reminded to appreciate what you have.

Are you planning a wedding during the pandemic? If so, it might seem like the whole world is plotting against your efforts. With that said, it’s essential to remember the good things. You have your health, you have plans to get married, and you have your whole life ahead of you. This, too, shall pass, and when it does, we’ll all be better people and better couples as a consequence.

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