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9 Ways to Save Money on Your Home Insurance ...

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Home insurance is very similar to auto insurance when it comes to trying to save money. There are some steps that you can take before, during, and after, that will help get a lower premium. Simple things that you probably do ever day. Below you will find a guide on how to cut some chunks out of the cost.

1 Bundle

If you have car, life, or any other type of insurance bundle them together into one neat little package. The more policies you have with a company, the better the savings that you will receive on all of them.

2 Credit

Good credit will save you a substantial amount of money when getting home insurance. Above 540 is usually a good number to strive for. The higher the better because the insurance agent will run the same type of check that a credit card company will. Work towards keeping your credit good, and even push to improve it when possible.

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3 Change

Go through your policy with a fine-toothed comb. If there is something that you do not need, get rid of it. There is no point in paying for something that you do not use. Some agents will simply put some of the policy benefits at a standard amount unless you say otherwise.

4 Compare

Always check prices through other companies. Use a company online that will help with the search. A company like iselect compares home insurance rates for you. All you have do is check the pricing and details. Do not ever simply go with the cheapest rate. Check out the details of all the best choices and then go with what fits your budget and lifestyle.

5 Discounts

Check for discounts that you can get. Like stated above, bundling will save you money. Having a non-smoking house will sometimes get you discounts. Good credit will as well. There are also many other available, but the agent will usually not offer them up front. Such as being a member of a local club, or your job, the age of the drivers, or even your location. Sit down with your agent, or get them on a phone call, and discuss anything and everything that could lower your premium. If you are curious about a discount, be up front and ask. You will not get them if you do not ask for them most of the time.

6 Security

Put in the effort to secure your house, and everything in it. Put deadbolts on all the doors. Install windows, or locking mechanisms, on all the windows. Make sure that they are kept locked. Get a security system that has good quality cameras and that connects straight to the police, or a monitoring service that will contact them for you. The more secure your house is, the more discounts you will qualify for.

7 Disasters

Make your home safe from natural disasters. If you live in a wooded area, clear around the house to prevent fires from reaching you. If you are in a flood path, build on a hill. Just think ahead and keep the house safe.

8 Safety

Get rid of things that insurance companies feel are high risk. Trampolines, swimming pools, and even playgrounds. Think about how dangerous something is and start clearing them out.

9 Small Claims

Avoid small claims because it will raise your rate. If it is a small issue, fix it yourself or hire someone to do it.

Saving on your home insurance can seem like a task that you want to put off. The truth is though that if you do the research, make use of companies that compare for you, and ask questions you can find a great deal that fits your lifestyle and needs.

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