7 Ways to React when You Find out He's Cheating on You ...


Whether it’s through a friend, the grapevine, or actually seeing your man cheating on you, it’s never a pleasant feeling. I can think of at least 7 ways to react when you find out he’s cheating on you. I’ve listed them below and I’m sure not everyone will find each tactic as a desirable way to handle a cheating partner. See what you think and please add your thoughts in the comment section.

7. Think about Your Own Recent Behavior

Have you been shunning him? Did you say anything that he could take as a signal you weren’t interested in him anymore? This is a good time to make sure you weren’t the one who initiated the end of your relationship. He could be under the impression that you were leaving him and his actions might not seem to him like he’s cheating, since he thinks you two are no longer an item. This entire situation could be one giant misunderstanding.

Try to Recall if His Actions Have Been Leading up to This Moment
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