7 Ways to Make Your Skinny Legs Look Fuller ...


Ways to Make Your Skinny Legs Look Fuller-are they really out there? I will admit from the start that I don't have skinny legs. In fact, my legs are probably my favorite feature about myself! But I do understand how having skinny legs could be a pain. So that's why I'm writing this article on ways to make your skinny legs look fuller! Every women has at least one-usually more than one-thing about themselves that they dislike or wish to change. While it's not always possible to completely change something about yourself, there are always ways to make something appear different from what it is. I've done all the scoping for you and have a few ways to make your skinny legs look fuller, right here and ready for you to read! If you have straight, thin legs then this article id just for you! Please keep reading!

1. Wear Wide-Leg Jeans

One of the top ways to make your skinny legs look fuller is by making sure you have some great, wide-leg jeans in your closet. You don't need bell-bottoms, but a pair of nicely flared jeans will really enhance your skinny legs and fill them out nicely. Make sure that you choose a pair of wide-leg jeans that doesn't start to flare until they reach your knees. If you pick a pair that starts to flare before it reaches your knee, you could risk making your legs look fat and your jeans look baggy. You certainly don't want that!

Avoid Wide-Leg Shorts