Top 4 beauty products to invest in this Christmas ...


Top 4 beauty products to invest in this Christmas ...
Top 4 beauty products to invest in this Christmas ...

Christmastime is not only that period of the year you show appreciation to your dear ones; it should also be the time you do beautiful things for your soul. You deserve to renew your makeup brush collection, get yourself a high-notch perfume or make yourself some everyday surprises by opening the boxes of a high-quality beauty advent calendar.

If you are a beauty lover, you most probably desire every luxurious, hyped cosmetical product or new release. But if you are new to this practice and find cosmetics and skincare routines overwhelming, keep reading: we’ve broken down four essential products that should not be missing from a woman’s makeup table.

This article offers information on what products you should avoid and how to choose skincare products, beauty tools, perfumes and or an advent calendar 2022.

You could read a lot of content about beauty and still find new, exciting things about it everyday. Selecting makeup calls for another article because cosmetics break down into complex, various products according to your preferences, style and needs. For now, let’s find more about the 4 essential beauty products you need.

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Fragrances are personal and powerful things. A perfume you find unpleasant, someone else may like. Some scents, like sweet vanilla or herbaceous grass, may evoke positive or negative memories, depending on the person who smells them.

Shopping for fragrances can be a tricky experience, regardless of how wonderful and empowering your final acquisition turns out to be. In a sea of options, how challenging can it be to find the best perfume?

In its simple form, your perfume is a blend of water, fragrance oil and denatured alcohol, breaking into five categories:

Perfumes also break down into three notes, and each of their fragrance oils consists of natural, synthetically designed or plant-based oils, thus delivering different scents. If you are looking for a new release or scent you haven’t tried so far, search for it on websites to see what base notes they have and determine which fragrance is to your liking. These online resources allow you to compare perfumes and read reviews from other users.


Beauty tools

As if you didn’t have enough to contend with in your attempts to understand complex skin routines and makeup tricks, here comes another category – beauty tools. And since the internet abounds with these products and other users’ reviews can trick you into purchasing the wrong tools, you must do a thorough research before giving your chosen perfume a try. These products’ marketing can sometimes lead you into a trap. Please don’t buy into the hype, as popularity and packaging shouldn’t hold too much weight on what we select as beauty tools.

Here is a list of products to consider buying this year:


Beauty advent calendars

Beauty advent calendars are fashionable and practical. No matter if you’re a connoisseur or a newbie to beauty products, starting your day by opening that particular box will uplift your mood.

If you own an extensive collection of cosmetics, you most likely want to declutter your makeup room and replace old makeup products you don’t like with some new, trendy ones. And if you haven’t bought or owned many cosmetics, most likely you’re overwhelmed trying to find suitable ones.

If you don’t know where to start your makeup journey or want to breathe some fresh air into your makeup boxes, a beauty advent calendar 2022 will do the job. It can include items like lip balms, lipsticks, hand-and-body creams, face moisturisers and serums and perfumes. There are several reasons to buy a beauty calendar, such as:

To ensure you get the most out of your beauty advent calendar 2022, pick a brand that is:


Skincare products

You might find the ingredients list of your facial skin care products looks like a string of many commas between long, unfamiliar words. And you might choose popular cosmetics that give you comfort in knowing they’re safe in order to avoid doing the tiring detective work. There’s no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to body or skin care products.

There are numerous different skin types and a cosmetic dermatologist can help you find your skin type and also recommend suitable products for you, otherwise, you can experience skin irritation or breakouts if you don’t use the proper ones.

According to your skin type, you should buy:

It would be best to search for ingredients’ benefits and disadvantages: supplements like retinol, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins E, C and B3 can offer different properties. Remember that you should avoid ingredients such as parabens, sulphates, fragrance/perfume, alcohol, phthalates and formaldehyde. Whatever you choose, use common sense.

Cosmetics are tricky products to buy. It’s sometimes hard to predict what you will get, and millions of products on this market make it hard for you to choose between them.

Therefore, if you want a rewarding investment, ensure you go with luxury, high-rated brands. They might be more expensive, but this also means their products are healthy, safe to use and look good on your skin.

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