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Top 5 Noise-reducing Headphones to Block out a Calum Best Dating Competition

By Katherine

5px; float: left;" />Outside the window of our trendy new Covent Garden offices, there's a competition going on where a 'lucky' girl can win a date with Calum Best. It's been going on for three days now, and we're sick of hearing the MC's booming voice through the microphone, so loud that I can barely hear Beck playing on my laptop. Hence I'm thinking about noise-reducing headphones, and which are the top five to block out a Calum Best competition. For anyone else plagued with a similar problem, read on, dear friends!

1.) Sony's MDR-NC50 headphones - promising to block out 85% of the noise around you, they're battery powered for when you want to block out the noise, if not, they don't need batteries at all! £150.

2 ) Bose QuietComfort 3 acoustic noise-cancelling headphones** - powered by just one rechargeable battery, you can enjoy noise-reducing music for 20 straight hours. £275

3.) Sennheiser's NoiseGard PXC 450 headphones - these babies have a new feature for Sennheiser, TalkThrough, which reduces ambient noise around you, yet still allows you to talk to your neighbour without taking the ‘phones off your ears. Launching in March, they'll cost $499.95.

4.) Logitech noise-cancelling headphones - the only pair Logitech have made to date, these 'phones have SilentSound high-parametric technology, which enables you to switch between the noise-reduction setting and normal mode, which doesn't use the AAA battery needed. £99.99.

5.) V-Moda intro ROXX styled VIBE earphones - unlike the other headphones featured, these are earphones, and come in red, brown, black and chrome. They don't require batteries, as they don't introduce artificial sound into your music, because they feature bass level isolating soft silicone technology to reduce noise and enable deep bass instead. $101.

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