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George Clooney, who, if you didn’t know by NOW, is my new boyfriend/love slave, encourages you all to come back to every day for your dose of entertainment news. HELP WENDY FEED HER KIDS.

Okay, so today:

Justin Timberlake gives Britney a call in rehab to wish her his best. And to ask her out. (I’m making that last bit up.)
• Songstress Charlotte Church apparently didn’t realize that sex will make you pregnant.

• I’m transported back to the video stylings of 1995 in this groundbreaking video from Beyonce and Shakira.

• The Last King of Scotlandwill kick your ass.

Details of Anna Nicole’s funeral. She’s actually going to be buried, too.

• No naked stuff for Jennifer Hudson! You just keep your junk to yourself, thank you.

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams: headed for their own Brokeback Mountain?

Tyra Banks loves her some Vaseline. I mean, REALLY LOVES VASELINE.

John Travolta, you ignorant slut.

Britney Spears, I think rehab agrees with you!

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