7 Tips on Looking More Put Together ...

If you're feeling "frumpy" and needing a little help getting a put-together look, this article is for you. At one time or another, all of us go through a "frumpy" stage where we just can't seem to feel pretty in anything we wear. But with a few small changes and additions to our wardrobe, we can look put-together in no time! These 7 tips on looking more put together will give you a boost in that direction!

1. Accessorize!

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Accessorizing with necklaces, earring and scarfs just puts the finishing touches on an outfit, and they don't cost that much either. My store of choice for inexpensive, in-style jewelry and other accessories is Catos, but you can find beautiful pieces just about anywhere. Get some simple pieces to add to more interesting clothing and big, clunky jewelry to add to your more plain outfits. By doing this, you can finish any outfit you have! Audrey Hepburn took any outfit, no matter how plain, and made it her own with accessories. That's what you've got to do - accessorize to bring out the "you" in your clothes.

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